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For the past 30 years, I have focused my practice exclusively on representing citizens that have been accused or convicted of crimes at both trial and on appeal. Over the years, I have represented dozens of criminal defendants at trial before a jury, often securing favorable outcomes for my clients.  In recent years, the bulk of my practice has been devoted to appellate and post-conviction litigation in both state and federal courts in Missouri and in a few other states. Appellate and post-conviction practice in criminal cases has become an increasingly complex and specialized field where it is of the utmost importance that you hire an experienced lawyer to navigate through the system. Many observers and commentators have described the post-conviction process in state and federal court as a procedural minefield that lays traps for the uninformed or inexperienced prisoner or counsel. If a mistake is made or a deadline missed early on in the process, this could result in procedural bars in later post-conviction proceedings.

Click on the following link to find more specific information on the procedures and time limitations in both the state and federal court appellate processes.

The Appellate and Post-Conviction Process in Missouri

        A. The Direct Appeal in State Court

        B. The 29.15 Appeal in State Court

        C. Federal Habeas Corpus

        D. State Habeas Proceedings under Rule 91